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Find Me A Beta

A Beta-ing Community!

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Writing and Betaing

Find Me a Beta

Is a Community for writers, and more importantly, anyone who wishes to Beta work for writers.

I came up with the idea after a friend of mine suggested I get a beta for my work. However, Me being me, I often feel that one opinion is never enough. I'd like quite a lot of varied types of people to beta my work, so why not get a varied amount of opinions?

Anyone is free to join, you can lurk, post your work to be Beta'd, request someone to post work, or just sit and read what comes around.

How to Join:

Click the 'Join this Community' at the top of this page.

Membership is open to anyone. If you've just started thinking about becoming a beta, or you've been a beta for years. If you've just started thinking about wanting someone to beta your work. Maybe you're looking for one person in particular to agree to beta all your work. Everyone is accepted.

Please read the rules, and stick to them. (Breaking the rules will result in being deleted from the Community.)

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Tell us a little bit about yourself in an introductory post. I'd like to keep this community as active as I can, and I'm a strong believer in welcoming new people, and keeping a steady flow of people coming in.

If you want to, you can use the template below.

You don't have to add contact details if you don't want to!

What do you hope to get out of this Community?:
How long have you been writing/beta-ing?:
What genre of stories to you like to write/beta?: (Please also add any fandoms you write here? =D)
Are there any websites you would like to recommend to us?:
Do you have a website you'd like to show us?:
What sparks your creativity?:
Post a sample of your work under an LJ cut. Please make sure it is something you're proud of, and is less than 500 words long. - This can be an excerpt from a longer piece:

To Create a Cut, Use the following Code < lj-cut text="Your Text Here" > , ending the tag with < /lj-cut >


1.) - No Negative Criticism/Flaming. I'm sick of joining communities where people are insulted, and believe that there can often be a fine line between positive criticism, and negative criticism/flaming. This is one the Community’s most important rules.

2.) - Do NOT plagiarize. This is another VERY important rule.

3.) - Try to use proper spelling and grammar. Try not to shorten words like 'ur' 'u' etc. It's just lazy.

4.) - Don't TyPe LiKe Dis. It's highly annoying, and pretty pointless.

5.) - Post your stories, or beta'd versions of stories under LJ cuts. ( < lj-cut text="Your Text Here" > ) If your story contains adult themes, violence, sexual scenes, etc. please tell us before your LJ Cut. We do allow ALL types of fiction, including fanfiction.

6.) - If you ask for your work to be Beta'd on the Community, please refrain from being offended by any comments you may receive. Unless the comments are untoward, and unhelpful (In which case they will be deleted) please take critcism positively. The community is here to help you learn from any mistakes you make in your writing, and make it more enjoyable and better to read.

7.) - If you have any suggestions, or questions about Beta-ing, or maybe even writing, fire away. The whole point of the community is to help each other with beta-ing work, so helping to guide new beta's is one step towards that.

8.) - Promote the Community. We can't grow if we don't promote, and the more you promote the more people can beta your work.

Use the following code to post the Community Banner wherever you think is appropriate. With Special thanks to all you who do chose to promote the community.

< center >< a href=http://www.livejournal.com/community/find_me_a_beta/ >
< img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v283/Olliegami/fmabban.jpg >< /a >

(Don’t forget to get rid of the spaces in between tags. < and >)

How to Post/Beta a Post:

1.) - Post your Story/Chapter/Poem under an LJ Cut. Tell us a little about the Story/Chapter/Poem and tell us what kind of help you would like in particular. Perhaps you just want whatever help you can get, or maybe you’re looking to find one person to Beta ALL your work. Make sure to put a title at the top of your post.

2.) - If you see a post you would like to Beta, then copy and paste the Post to a file on your computer. When Beta-ing, you should follow some ground rules.

a.) Check through for Spelling and Grammar mistakes. Bold the changes you make with < b > tags.

b.) Suggest any changes you think should be made to the post in Brackets ( + ). This could be possible over use of the same word/sentence, any changes you think should be made go in Brackets in the middle of the text. You could change the colour of your text to something that stands out. < font color="#0000ff" >< /font > Blue, or < font color="#ff0000" >< /font > are good options.

c.) Leave a small review at the end of the chapter. Perhaps explaining how you think the author’s style could improve, or what bothered you about the post. Maybe you just want to say what a good job they did of their work.

d.) Using the same Title as the Author did in their first post, REPOST the Beta’d work as another Post. For Example. The Title Might be – Aetheon Dreams, - Written by < lj user="olliegami" > BETA’D. If the post was small enough to fit into a Comment, Post your Beta’d Version under the original post.

Have Fun

Finally, if you wish to contact me with a question, or suggestions or whatever, my AIM username is: Kairo Ollie

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