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.:pallojaketju:. posting in Find Me A Beta
User: find_me_a_beta (posted by pallojaketju)
Date: 2017-02-02 20:04
Subject: I'm looking for a beta (BBC Sherlock Fandom)
Security: Public
Name: pallojaketju
Age: 32
Sex: F
Tumblr: pallojaketju
Beta/Writer/Lurker?: Writer

How long have you been writing: I’ve been in fandom for about ten years, but haven’t published any stories in years so I’ve lost contact with my old betas. I’ve recently started writing again so I’m looking for some help to mainly Brit-pick and look over any grammar issues.
What genre of stories to you like to write/beta?: BBC Sherlock (Johnlock)

More specifically, I’m looking for a beta-reader in the Sherlock (Johnlock) fandom. I’m looking for someone to look over my grammar and brit-pick an explicit post-S4 Johnlock-fic (2.7K)
If you have time to give more elaborate feedback on plot, style, characterisation etc. that would be excellent (but not necessary).
I’m not a prolific writer, so this can be a one-time thing, but if I write more in the future and you are willing, maybe we can get together again. I’m also willing to beta your work in return.

What I’m looking for from a beta:

-You love BBC Sherlock and especially Johnlock. You’ll enjoy the experience more and this way we already have something in common :)
- You are +25 years old. Age is just a number, but in this case, I’d like someone who is closer to my age (which is 32), so we are not from completely different universes.
- You can brit-pick (you don’t have to be British, just have a good knowledge of BrEnglish)
If you’re interested, message me at @pallojaketju (Tumblr or LJ)
Thank you!
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