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Find Me A Beta
A Beta-ing Community!

thedashdot posting in Find Me A Beta
User: thedashdot
Date: 2017-09-28 22:24
Subject: Beta
Security: Public

If anyone needs a beta to skim through their work, my contact details and informaton are below- I am up for any style of writing as well as any length, so contact me if you are in need of an extra pair of eyes.

Name: Lee

E-mail: d_ashd.ot@outlook.com

What are you not willing to beta: I am generally willing to beta most things.

Do you speak any other languages: Yes, French.

Do you have any other areas of expertise you'd like to offer: Word selection and general grammar. Strengthening a plot line or scene.

How would you like to be contacted by writers: Drop me an email using the one given above, I am likely to get back to you sometime during the week.

Anything else you'd like to add: If you need me to Beta something, state what you want me to look out for specifically. (And don't worry, I won't be over critical of your work if you don't want me to be, just make sure you inform me of anything I should be aware of.)

Cheers :)
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User: ihateplotholes
Date: 2017-09-27 22:29
Subject: Beta Needed
Security: Public
Hi, I'm new to the fan fiction community and am looking for both a beta and a Brit-picker. I'm writing two stories: one for the Thor/Avengers fandom and one for the BBC Sherlock fandom.

The Call of Ice, by IHatePlotHoles

A Jotunn!Loki story. AU taking place after The Avengers.

Humiliated, bleeding, and stripped of his magic, Loki faces certain death from Odin's judgment. But help comes from an unlikely source giving Loki another chance at life.

Pairings: Loki/Sigyn

Rating: T or M — haven't decided yet.

I'm doing a fresh take on Jotunheim and I need someone familiar with both Marvel and Norse lore. Loki is also not a tiny giant in this story.

Five Orange Pips, by Munchies

A BBC Sherlock story based on the Sherlock story The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Five Orange Pips. Season 3 AU (because Mofftis, you two have hecked up this show and it makes me mad).

Back from the dead, Sherlock arrives in a London he doesn't recognize. Lestrade's retired, Sally Donovan is the new DI, Molly's in a stable relationship, and John is getting engaged. Sherlock gives up hope for ever reconnecting with the people he's hurt until Mary, John's fiancée, comes to him with an envelope filled with five orange pips.

Pairings: Molly Hooper/ Tom ; Sherlock Holmes/ Molly Hooper ; John Watson/Mary Morstan

Rating: T or soft M

This story will have feederism elements to it, but they make up a small part of the story. It also discusses neo-Nazis, the KKK, and England's rising nationalism and racial tensions. And as this is a BBC Sherlock fan fiction, there will be graphic to semi-graphic depictions of corpses. I'll need a Brit-picker especially to make sure I nail both the culture and the lingo.

If you are interested in helping me with either of my stories, contact me on my ao3 account, IHatePlotHoles.
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User: ladybraken
Date: 2017-09-25 10:15
Subject: Beta needed
Security: Public
Hy! I looking for a Beta for Harry Potter fanfic
- a HP/LV political fanfic
-a HP/BL
- a timetravel HP in Dumbee's time
-A lot of other little things/ correcting already posted chapters if interested
-All rated M-> E
I have trouble with Grammar and phrasing (english isn't my first language).
I need a quick but efficient Beta (I Write very fast)
you can contact me on the penname 'Lady Braken' on FF and A03!
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noiproksa posting in Find Me A Beta
User: noiproksa
Date: 2017-09-09 15:39
Subject: Beta for oneshot needed
Security: Public
I am in need of a beta for a oneshot I wrote (about 2000 words). Since the fandom is so small, it's very hard to find a beta reader for it and so you wouldn't even have to be familiar with the show. I would just be very greatful if you could take a quick look at it.
It's a ficlet about a (canon) gay couple (Gob/Tony) (no explicit scenes).
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slythindormal posting in Find Me A Beta
User: slythindormal
Date: 2017-08-12 23:45
Security: Public
1. Pen Name: Slythindormal
2. Fandom: Harry Potter
3. Rating of the story: M, I think.
4. Spoilers/Time Line: Postwar
5. Pairing:Harry/?/?
6. Beta Type: Mostly need help with tenses and vocabulary.
7. Harshness: Constructive criticism only makes things better!
8. Other: This is really urgent!! It's for a fest and submissions are due on the 15th of August. So anyone out there, please help!
It's 5 chapters. 9,080 words.
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John posting in Find Me A Beta
User: lrthunder
Date: 2017-08-10 17:29
Subject: Beta for two fics needed
Security: Public
I need a beta for two fics. One is due on the 14th, and the other due on the 15th. I would prefer to send them via Google Docs to be checked for SPaG and maybe some other suggestions for the plots.

The first one is for Dramione Duet (due August 14) and the beta can't be a participant.
It's rated NC-17, around 2200 words. No non-con/rape, bdsm, although there is some exhibitionism.

The second one is due August 15th.
It's rated NC-17, around 2100 words, and the pairings are Harry/Astoria, Draco/Ginny, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Astoria.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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sandrasfisher posting in Find Me A Beta
User: sandrasfisher
Date: 2017-08-08 15:50
Subject: Marvel 2017 Big Bang
Security: Public
Pen name: sandrasfisher
Title:  Untitled (for the moment)
Fandom: The Avengers(MCU)
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Director Fury sends Clint on a mission without backup. When they lose contact with him Natasha starts to get worry about him. The stress of Clint missing, will it send Natasha into labor? (may change)
Pairing: Clint Barton/Natalia Romanova, James “Bucky” Barnes/Original Female character(s), Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers/Original Female Character(s), Phil Coulson/Original Female Character(s)
Beta Type:SPAG, if something doesn't work let me know.
Word count: 10,000+
Anything else: This is the fouth in the Spectrum series.

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littledove21 posting in Find Me A Beta
User: littledove21
Date: 2017-07-12 01:42
Subject: beta needed for a song of ice and fire fic FOUND
Security: Public
1. littledove21
2. a song of ice and fire, game of thrones
3. PG-13
4. set after a dance with dragons, tv canon up to season 5
5. Aegon VI/Sansa Stark
6. SPaG, flow, characterisation
7. I like my beta to be honest but not brutal.

Notes: Although I have written Aegon I haven't actually read that far into the books yet so canon may lean more towards the tv show, but not after season 5 as Sansa doesn't marry Ramsay.
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sirmioneforever posting in Find Me A Beta
User: sirmioneforever
Date: 2017-05-04 17:17
Subject: found
Security: Public
2. Fandom: Harry Potter
3. Rating of the story: NC-17
4. Spoilers/Time Line: post Hogwarts AU
5. Pairing: Bill/Hermione/Charlie
6. Length: 1.5k
7. Beta Type: spag, help with explicit sex scenes
8. Warnings: sex, anal sex, threesome with brothers
9. Harshness: moderate. I like someone who is honest but not too harsh.
Other: the deadline is tomorrow so the turnaround will be pretty tight so if you only get time to do the basics and make sure everything flows that would be fine.
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User: sassykenzie1
Date: 2017-05-01 16:15
Subject: Looking for a beta in BTS Namjin Omorashi/Smut
Security: Public
Location:United States, Ohio
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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